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[pct-l] Adios

Just wanted to wish everyone a successful and fulfilling summer. I am off on
Friday for a little three-month stroll on the PCT, and damned if it won't be a
heck of an interesting time standing up to old Mom Nature. 

I will be keeping a journal of my journey, and will most definitely post it on
my website for anyone who may care to peruse it upon my return. 

Anyway, trail-fright prevents me from writing any further lucid thoughts, so
here I shall sign off. Just one more - don't let the weeks of this season go
by without letting your dusty old pack make you feel just a little guilty,
maybe even enough that you walk on over, crouch down, feel the sweat-stained
straps and rub the long-lived faded stains, swing it up and onto your
shoulder, spontaneously throw a banana and a bottle of water in, step out the
front door, let the sunshine open the dark attics of your mind that feel the
power of the great outside..... and take a hike. 

Keep on keepin' on,
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