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[pct-l] Leave no trace (lizards, too)

If we somehow increased the lizard population (to attract ticks to the
lizards rather than us hikers) would the lizards leave more traces of their
increased numbers?  Would the reduced numbers of ticks corespondingly reduce
humans' fear to enter tick-infested backcountry?

Seriously, Charlie Thorpe (author of the LNT series) practices what he is
talking about.  In '95, while hiking with Charlie for a stretch of SoCal
PCT, he showed me how to undo the depression left on the ground under my
campsite (among numerous other things).  Leave no trace may make us work a
little harder to keep the land we hike in as undisturbed as possible, but
look at what humans have done to the rest of the world!  How many trashed
and trampled campsites have I seen?  More than I ever want to see!  Try
camping in Jefferson Park in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness.  Leave no trace
is worthy of our attention.  Thanks for posting this series, Charlie! It's

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