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[pct-l] Re: Charlie's No Trace series

. Imagine a dear or a bear with a little nick
>bleeding to death because there blood was thinned by some drug someone
>pee'd on the ground! :) I am on a blood thinner and spend lots of time
in the >backcountry, and yes for years I have pee'd carelessly :( 

  Oh sh*t! Kevin, ("scuse the pun :-) I'm sorry.
   I just e-mailed Charlie that I was bringing up a bit of trivia mainly
to get folks thinking - I didn't mean for anyone on meds to feel they
were poisoning wildlife every time they emptied their poor bladders. (If
your coumadin isn't causing *you* to hemmorhage, even the full dose
certainly won't be enough do that to a *bear*.)  Just wanted to point out
that we excrete/void actual Chemicals, not some sort of vague sterile
fluid. I used the word "nit-pick", and that was what I was doing, altho
folks on powerful toxic meds might not want to pi** on a rock, or near
the kind of puddly water-sources you find late-season in dry areas like
the South Sierra....   bj

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