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Re: [pct-l] Re:Charlie's No Trace series

On Wed, 29 Apr 1998, Charlie Thorpe wrote:

>Wow...what an interesting observation!  I have never thought of the
>problems that might be caused by medication residues left behind in our
>urine (or feces, for that matter).
>I consulted with my immediate medical source (Charlie I, a psych nurse
><g>)...and chemo-therapy chemicals came first to mind (not a particularly
>likely problem in the backcountry, but certainly an indication that problem
>chemicals CAN be passed through our bodies).
>I wonder if anyone on the list can think of any medications (that an
>outdoorsman might reasonably be taking) that could show up in the urine in
>enough concentration to have an effect on another creature?  How about
>illegal drugs?

How about drugs that thin your blood(eg asprin or coumadin). Not being
a doctor I am not sure if these are carried in urine, but imagine the
consequences if they were. Imagine a dear or a bear with a little nick
bleeding to death because there blood was thinned by some drug someone
pee'd on the ground! :)


PS- I am on a blood thinner and spend lots of time in the backcountry,
and yes for years I have pee'd carelessly :(    I have never thought
about this until now!

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