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Re: [pct-l] Re:Charlie's No Trace series

Hello bj -

I said (talking about bloody items):

>> I am told that careful bear-protection (hanging, canisters, separation
>>from camp area, etc.) will work for black bears.

You said:

>From my buddy, the Animal-Guy: "careful bear protection" works against
>*all* bear-types  equally, depending on habituation...

I probably didn't write clearly enough:

my intent was to say that some bear-protection techniques that could
reasonably be used when we are concerned with visits by black bears might
NOT be optimum when faced with visits from bigger/badder bears <g>.

You said

>...any medication you're taking will
>likely to be concentrated in your urine, so 1) that's another reason not
>to p*ss in the water (somebody's iodine sure isn't gonna "neutralize" an
>unforseen dose of thyroid medicine, Prozac, etc) in a smallish water

Wow...what an interesting observation!  I have never thought of the
problems that might be caused by medication residues left behind in our
urine (or feces, for that matter).

I consulted with my immediate medical source (Charlie I, a psych nurse
<g>)...and chemo-therapy chemicals came first to mind (not a particularly
likely problem in the backcountry, but certainly an indication that problem
chemicals CAN be passed through our bodies).

I wonder if anyone on the list can think of any medications (that an
outdoorsman might reasonably be taking) that could show up in the urine in
enough concentration to have an effect on another creature?  How about
illegal drugs?

You said:

>   Hey! Wouldn't it be great (dream on, Mary Sunshine...) if your
>postings made folks want to compete in even more stringent eco-friendly
>practices, as well as packweight/mileages?! Sort of a No Trace Olympics
> - Real Men Pack It Out, etc...

Haven't thought to use those terms <g>.  It is VERY easy to get groups of
young campers to be VERY competitive about how little trace they are
leaving....just have each group try to find where the other groups have
camped!  Not just kids either...I wasn't kidding about the adults
sprinkling down the dry footprint of their tent <VBG>.

Thanks for the good ideas!

Trace No Leaves,

- Charlie II

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