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Re: [pct-l] LNT 7- PiiPio

I am fully enjoying learning and hearing what you have to say Charlie. 
Thanks for telling us about your take on these issues.  I hope that you
don't mind if I pass on your information to others.  I susbscribed to this
list for issues like this and the opportunity to learn.  Keep up the good

Andy Somers
-Bald Eagle GA->ME '95
São Paulo, Brasil

> From: Charlie Thorpe <charliethorpe@worldnet.att.net>
> To: Dave Gomberg <gomberg@wcf.com>
> Cc: pct-l@saffron.hack.net
> Subject: Re: [pct-l] LNT 7- PiiPio
> Date: Quarta-feira, 29 Abril, 1998 1:48 PM
> Hello Dave -
> You said:
> >To my mind this is ignorance, pure and simple.   It makes me
> >in reading the rest of this endless diatribe.  Delete key, you are my
> You might want to hold back the "D" finger and at least scan the next few
> LNT postings.  Judging from your past postings to this list, I think that
> you will be VERY interested in the "LNT fire" discussion <VBG>.
> I would be truly interested (honest!) to find out why you consider my
> >>
> >>  There is nothing...absolutely nothing...that we can bring
> >>    into the backcountry that is good for the backcountry.
> >> Everything...absolutely everything...always somehow winds up
> >>  violating Aldo Leopold's credo ("LNT 4- How?") in some way.
> >>
> >>                           Period.
> to be "ignorance, pure and simple".
> It certainly IS an "attention getter"...that's exactly what it is
> to be <g>.  I have enjoyed some discussions at LNT training sessions
> folks have tried to pin the various experts (recreation ecologists,
> biologists, human waste treatment specialist CE's, etc.) down by
> various "items" that could be brought into any backcountry ecosystem
> without doing harm.
> First suggestion: go back and reread the quote from Aldo Leopold that was
> given in "LNT 4- How?".  Take something obvious (dead horse, perhaps <g>)
> and see how it would be covered by the quote.  Then keep trying things
> until you find one or more that you don't think would do any harm if they
> were brought into the backcountry.
> Then post them to the list.  If nobody can come up with a way that they
> would fit into the above quote, I will be happy to ping an expert or two
> about them.
> If we have truly found an exception to the above quote, I will be happy
> modify the "LNT 7" message with a footnote (full credit to you, of course
> <g>).
> BTW, sterile (de-ionized) water HAS been considered <VBG>.
> Trace No Leaves,
> - Charlie II
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