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Re: [pct-l] LNT 7- PiiPio

Hello Greg -

You said:

>I'm following this with interest and consideration of Leopolds' Credo.  The
>one thing I bring into the wilderness that leaves no trace and does no harm
>and DOES benefit the wilderness is MY APPRECIATION!  Without my
>appreciation and yours, and yours, and yours, etc. the wilderness would
>have long ago succumbed to the interests of those who only look at
>wilderness as a resource to exploit.
>Therefore, one footnote to Leopold's quote should be "Except for thoughts
>of appreciation and value for the intrinsic values of wilderness and the
>resulting influence upon policy that such appreciation bares."

I did the full quote because I wanted to be able to make it obvious what I
am talking about when I shout: "WELL SAID!"

I am fiddling around with a posting relating to the "LNT type" implications
of some of the "mental baggage" we bring into the backcountry with us.  The
cell-phone and thru-runner threads on AT-L and ATML have made me realize
(once again!) that our attitudes can always work both for and against us
during our hike...and can have a HUGE impact on the other guy's hike, as

The LNT educational effort to date has mostly centered on getting out the
message on the many practical "minimum-impact nitty-gritties" that help us
all quickly start minimizing our personal impacts when we visit the
backcountry.  The true effort, of course, will always be to help us all
develop/reinforce our own personal (deeply felt) "wilderness ethic"!

Thanks for the sage observation!

Trace No Leaves,

- Charlie

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