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[pct-l] Re:Charlie's No Trace series

   Kudos for your eco-series, Charlie!!
   It's alot to "wade" through, but I, for one, am glad to get a reminder
on some of the things I'm constantly tempted to fudge. From now on, I'm
gonna tell my (Scoutphobic)self that "if the blankety-blank Scouts can do
it, I sure can!"
   Just wanted to add a couple comments:

> I am told that careful
>bear-protection (hanging, canisters, separation from camp area, etc.)
>work for black bears.

   From my buddy, the Animal-Guy: "careful bear protection" works against
*all* bear-types  equally, depending on habituation. That is to say, they
won't be inordinately attracted and they absolutely won't be fed. Nothing
is a guarantee against a bear coming into camp.  You just gotta be
extra-careful not to *attract* brownies to your camp since they are so
aggressive - the danger isn't to your food, but to you, in their case;
it's no big deal having a black bear checking out your camp.

>because urine is almost sterile when it comes out of our bodies. [snip] 
We can pee on >the rocks (no problem getting
>them chewed up), but it often makes a concentrated stink

   Agreed. Just wanted to nitpick that any medication you're taking will
likely to be concentrated in your urine, so 1) that's another reason not
to p*ss in the water (somebody's iodine sure isn't gonna "neutralize" an
unforseen dose of thyroid medicine, Prozac, etc) in a smallish water
source & 2) might want to avoid peeing on a rock in that scenario, since
a tempting salt-lick for animals is created by doing so. I've done my
unmedicated business with a queue of deer in plain sight waiting
impatiently for me to finish so they could rush over to the newly-created
mineral block. [G]
   Hey! Wouldn't it be great (dream on, Mary Sunshine...) if your
postings made folks want to compete in even more stringent eco-friendly
practices, as well as packweight/mileages?! Sort of a No Trace Olympics -
 Real Men Pack It Out, etc...   The "refuge of a scoundrel" (& lazy slob)
today seems to be the wobbly notion of "PC" (or is it anti-PC?); takes
guts to stand up for what's right. Good for you!      bj

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