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Re: [pct-l] LNT 7- PiiPio

At 10:48 AM 4/29/98 -0600, you wrote:
>First suggestion: go back and reread the quote from Aldo Leopold that was
>given in "LNT 4- How?".  Take something obvious (dead horse, perhaps <g>)
>and see how it would be covered by the quote.  Then keep trying things
>until you find one or more that you don't think would do any harm if they
>were brought into the backcountry.
>Then post them to the list.  If nobody can come up with a way that they
>would fit into the above quote, I will be happy to ping an expert or two
>about them.
>If we have truly found an exception to the above quote, I will be happy to
>modify the "LNT 7" message with a footnote (full credit to you, of course


I'm following this with interest and consideration of Leopolds' Credo.  The
one thing I bring into the wilderness that leaves no trace and does no harm
and DOES benefit the wilderness is MY APPRECIATION!  Without my
appreciation and yours, and yours, and yours, etc. the wilderness would
have long ago succumbed to the interests of those who only look at
wilderness as a resource to exploit.  

Therefore, one footnote to Leopold's quote should be "Except for thoughts
of appreciation and value for the intrinsic values of wilderness and the
resulting influence upon policy that such appreciation bares."


Greg "Strider" Hummel

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