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Re: [pct-l] LNT 7- PiiPio

Hello Dave -

You said:

>To my mind this is ignorance, pure and simple.   It makes me uninterested
>in reading the rest of this endless diatribe.  Delete key, you are my friend.

You might want to hold back the "D" finger and at least scan the next few
LNT postings.  Judging from your past postings to this list, I think that
you will be VERY interested in the "LNT fire" discussion <VBG>.

I would be truly interested (honest!) to find out why you consider my statement:

>>  There is nothing...absolutely nothing...that we can bring
>>    into the backcountry that is good for the backcountry.
>> Everything...absolutely everything...always somehow winds up
>>  violating Aldo Leopold's credo ("LNT 4- How?") in some way.
>>                           Period.

to be "ignorance, pure and simple".

It certainly IS an "attention getter"...that's exactly what it is supposed
to be <g>.  I have enjoyed some discussions at LNT training sessions where
folks have tried to pin the various experts (recreation ecologists,
biologists, human waste treatment specialist CE's, etc.) down by suggesting
various "items" that could be brought into any backcountry ecosystem
without doing harm.

First suggestion: go back and reread the quote from Aldo Leopold that was
given in "LNT 4- How?".  Take something obvious (dead horse, perhaps <g>)
and see how it would be covered by the quote.  Then keep trying things
until you find one or more that you don't think would do any harm if they
were brought into the backcountry.

Then post them to the list.  If nobody can come up with a way that they
would fit into the above quote, I will be happy to ping an expert or two
about them.

If we have truly found an exception to the above quote, I will be happy to
modify the "LNT 7" message with a footnote (full credit to you, of course

BTW, sterile (de-ionized) water HAS been considered <VBG>.

Trace No Leaves,

- Charlie II

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