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[pct-l] Campo

Dear PCT-L,

Paul Hacker (MexCan '77) and I took two people from Scotland, Martina &
Brian, down to Campo on Saturday to start their attempt at a '98 thru-hike!
 The weather was mid sixties and drizzling scattered rain and overcast
heavy skies.  Not much rain actually fell as we drove around.  The area
around Campo is green, lush and lots of flowing water everywhere.
Temperatures last week and this week in Sth Calif. are in the mid 80's
inland and mid 70's in the mountains.  I imagine lots of snow melting off
and I see the direct evidence of such from my view of Mt Baldy everyday.  I
believe M & B may have "chosen wisely" their start timing!

Best of luck to all '98ers and it looks as though the El Nino storms have
taken a rest, at least for the mean time.  I believe that thru hiking this
year is possible, it will just take a little more resolve, flexibility and
perseverance than usual.

21 years and 23 days prior to Saturday was the only other time I have been
to Campo.  Not many entries in the register at the border from thru-hikers
starting in the last week.  It didn't look very different than 21 years
ago: a little greener, no house across the border, the cool PCT starting
marker, a greater number of border patrol, even one checking us out at the
PCT start.  Oh how I and Paul wished we were going with them!  All of the
way driving back to my home in L.A. we talked about how we would do it
differently if we were to do it again, lighter equipment, different food
arrangements, etc.  But then maybe the CDT would be a better "next time".
We discussed how the CDT would be fun to do in two years, 3 and 1/2 months
each year.  Maybe in ten years when the kids are old enough to go along or
not at home anymore.  I joked about going with M & B with my wife and she
didn't think it was very funny.  Said she wouldn't be there when I got
back!  Ah, the ramblings of an old crester!

Say hello from "Strider" to M & B if you see them on the trail.

Greg "Strider" Hummel 

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