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[pct-l] Leave No Trace postings

Hello All -

Back a ways (Feb. or so), I posted a couple of messages to this list on a
subject that is near and dear to my heart...the national "Leave No Trace"
minimum-impact backcountry use education program.

Kurt was kind enough to copy some of the info from one of them to the AT-L
and ATML lists.  I decided that it wasn't fair to everybody (or to LNT!) to
just look at one narrow part of the important LNT message...so I added a

Actually it turned into a bunch of littles...the whole LNT series grew into
15 messages by the time I was done <g>.  I even wound up adding a survey at
the end of the series to help me get some feedback on how to make the whole
complex issue more "user friendly" to us backcountry users.

I got some excellent suggestions from the AT folks (AT-L and ATML lists),
both from the discussion that followed the postings and from the survey
returns.  I added many of the suggested changes in and tweaked the messages
a bit to better fit our interests here on PCT-L.

I will post a couple of the messages each day for the next week or so.  The
first message has "Subject: LNT 1 - Why me?" and the rest all have "LNT n
-..." in the subject fields...ending with "Subject: LNT 15 - Wrap up!".  I
will post the survey as a separate message after "LNT 15".

One of the suggestions on a survey return was to shorten the messages up a
bit and "give us the Reader's Digest version of the LNT program".  I had to
write the fellow back and tell him that I HAD <VBG>.  The "long" version
can be found in "Soft Paths"...the first book in the bibliography contained
in "LNT 15".

I am VERY interested in getting suggestions from ALL the folks on PCT-L!

I know that many of us are already very familiar with the LNT program...I
hope that you can help me improve the delivery.  I know that some of us
THINK that we are familiar with LNT...I hope that these messages will be
able to provide a little more of the basic reasoning behind the program
than there is usually room for on a trailhead display or in a quickie email
message.  I know that some of us have never looked into LNT...I hope that
these messages will get you as interested in the program as I became <g>.

A lot of the fun is in the discussion that always follows some parts of the
LNT presentations.  Interestingly, one of the major topics on the AT-L and
ATML lists was related to meeting horses on the trail...and the AT (almost)
ain't got none <g>.

Let me know what you think...during and after the series!

Trace No Leaves,

- Charlie II  AT (MEGA'93)
             PCT (Mex@Can'95)

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