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[pct-l] ALDHA-West Gathering, October 2-4

Now that many of us are getting ready for our hikes for the upcoming season,
it's also a good time to think about the ALDHA-West Gathering.  It will be
held on October 2-4 in Cascade Locks, OR.  Our program is not lined up yet,
but we always focus on presentations by experienced long distance hikers,
including slide shows and discussions about trails, gear, etc.  

Also, for just $5 you may join ALDHA-West for the remainder of our
membership year, which ends September 30.  You will receive two issues of
our Distance Hiker Gazette.

For information on the gathering and/or membership, please write to:

PO Box 651
Vancouver, WA  98666

Or, email me at rogercar@pacifier.com.  A membership application and other
info is available at our web site:  http://www.gorp.com/nonprof/aldhaw/  

ALDHA-West is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting fellowship and
comminication among long-distance hikers.

Good luck to everyone on your journey this year!

Roger Carpenter
Mexico >> Canada '96

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