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[pct-l] Extend the AT's length so it is really America's longest footpath ?

At 5:51 PM -0700 4/23/98, Stephen Stoddard wrote:
>On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Ken Marlow wrote:
>> Could be a matter of degree. I came across nearly the same reference (and I
>> think it was in the ATC brochure) as the longest "marked" foot trail. The
>> A.T. IS well-marked, but the PCT is marked along its route. Good question.
>The exact wording, copyright 1998 by the ATC was:
>"The Appalachian Trail-A Path to Discovery and Adventure"
>The dream was to create a footpath of wonder and tranquility. The result
>is the Appalachian Trail (A.T.), the world's longest foot trail and a path
>to discovery and adventure for America's hikers.

Here my two coins for the trail of truth:

OK, then why is the AT stated as "the world's longest foot trail" or is
that just AT hype.

 Isn't PCT longer at 2665 Miles from Mexico to Canada.

 The AT also allow horses in various sections but I'll discount
that. The slogan mentions "foot" and yes those horses travel on
their feet.   The slogan doesn't mention the "feet" belongs to humans.

Let's see, the PCT is traveled on foot, is a trail, is marked and does also
offer wonder and tranquility for America's hikers.

Shouldn't we call the the AT the second longest American footpath ?

Since the AT has changed from its "orginial" plan, maybe we should extend
the AT through that terrific Allagash Wilderness Waterway all the way to
Canada. Why
stop at a mountain in the middle of a state ( Katadhin )  and while one is
at it, route it all the way down thru  Florida and to the ocean where all
mountains end up, at the sea eventually!  OK stop the flames... I just note,
the AT was initially never intended on going to Georgia so historically
there is no "saving" historical original plan on the AT stopping in
Georgia. Why
not let Florida share in the wealth?

-Tom "hikenet" Caggiano

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