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[pct-l] section hiking entire trail

 Dave Gomberg writes:
>At 02:58 PM 4/22/1998 -0400, G. Eberly wrote:
>> Still can't decide whether I should wait for >another year, or just 
>>hope for a mild September and hike like Jardine.

>  This may be just the year for section hikers.   Hit the
>desert in April/May, do WN and OR in June/July, hit the JMT and San
>Jacintos in August.  Why not?  

   Doing chunks at convenient times is almost always the simplest way
around the "start early? Start late?" dilemma, and would be *my* choice
this year except for one thing:
Lots of folks have to fly out to their start (some from across the ocean
or from the Eastcoast), and tend not to have "support teams" along the
Trail as well. The logistics of single-handedly supplying a
hopscotch-hike, and the transportation/lodging, etc. costs could really
mount up....
    If I had my druthers, I'd take *a year* to do it, with strong-backed
hikers meeting me every couple days or so at designated trail-points to
resupply me, give me a foot-massage, etc.....ahhhhhh...      bj

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