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[pct-l] re:trip planning

Dear Dave,
    Keeping in touch with this list is one of the best ways to get 
up-to-date information regarding the PCT. You may have learned about this 
list by going to the Pacific Crest Trail Association web site at:
If not, this site is a great resource. Two books by Wilderness Press, The 
Pacific Crest Trail California Edition and the Oregon/Washington Edition are 
the bibles to the trail. You can request updates to these books from 
Wilderness Press. Two other books, Ray Jardine's PCT Hiker's Handbook, and a 
PCT Data Book, by Ben Go are also invaluable. All of but the last book are 
available in local specialty bookstores. I believe Ben Go's book is only 
available through the PCTA at this time.
   The two books by Widerness Press has page size up-to-date topo maps with 
adequate scale and detail to complete the trip. Using these maps alone 
however, provides only a "tunnel view" of the trail. Some hikers supplement 
these maps with Forest Service maps to get an idea of what's beyond the 
guidebook map edges, allowing for bail-out routes, resupply points well off 
the trail, or just to put the trail in context with its broader 
    Obtaining current additions of the above materials and staying in touch 
with fellow hikers, on lists like this, you'll be bound to be kept 

-Ken Marlow
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