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[pct-l] 2 new PCT Store items

The Pacific Crest Trail Town Guide is here at last.  Written by 1997 PCT
thru-hiker, Leslie Croot, this 76-page (5" x 7") guide lists the services
available in every town or re-supply station along the PCT including post
office, store and business hours, phone numbers, select prices, fuel and ATM
availability, maps of each town, etc.  It's a great resource for any hike on
the PCT and certainly well worth the $6.

Lynne Weldon's video, How to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, will be available
in the PCT Store within 10-14 days (as soon as Lynne can produce enough to
send us).  This video has been mentioned in several posts on this list over
the past few days so you all know what it's about:  almost 5 hours of tips
about everything relating to hiking.  Cost is $39.95.

Joe at the PCTA office

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