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Re: [pct-l] New PCT thruhike video!!

I wanted to add that you can order this video by mail from Lynne Whelden,
1025 Shaw Place, Williamsport, PA 17701 for 39.95 + 3.00 s/h. It will also
come out in June at REI stores and the PCTA will carry it in the future. I
talked to Lynne last night, this is where the info is from and if possible
(my suggestion) send postal money order or bank money order in place of
personal check. 
It is a how to hike the PCT video, not just pictures of the trail, with
hiker interviews. Lynne did the PCT last year and this year is working on
a CDT video. Enjoy...

On Mon, 20 Apr 1998, Docdc999 wrote:

> OOps...I accidentally hit the send button.
> Well, his video is great...I was the first to view the entire thing...pretty
> long, but packed with great info I was looking for. Interviews about 15 other
> thru hikers on there 1997 thruhike.  One great thing was he filmed every town
> along the route and showed all the stores and need to know places in each
> town.  I've never seen that before in a video.  A picture is worth a thousand
> words!!  He's a real great guy and will help you with any questions.  
> Lynne Wheldon also thruhiked the AT and has a video for that trail also.
> Running Time:  4 hours 39 minutes
> Topics in order as they appear:
> "Ready..set..go...stop."
> Introductions
> conditioning
> lightweight vs. traditional backpacking
> mind games
> backpacking and hiking strategies
> pack
> sleeping gear
> shelter
> cooking
> food
> water
> clothing
> feet
> stuff
> navigation
> pass
> bugs
> desert
> rain
> snow
> fords
> Campo
> towns
> mail drops
> resupply points
> partners
> the "ray" way
> body
> internal changes
> final advice
> "the bus ride home"
> thru vs. section hiking
> end
> I bought the video because I will be thruhiking the PCT this year also...see
> you on the trail...God bless uncle ElNino.
> Oh..the cost is $39.95 plus $3 shipping...well worth the investment I
> thought...thanks Lynne.
> I also watched his video of the AT hike titled "Secrets of Lightweight
> Backpacking Revealed".  This was also a great video which really opened the
> door to my personal lightweight hiking...a must watch.  Oh, he also makes
> ultralightweight packs, tarps, ground clothes, and other light stuff..just ask
> him about it.
> You can reach Lynne Wheldon at 717-323-0909....and please tell him I referred
> you - Dr. David Schroeder in Florida....see you on the trail...good luck!
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