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[pct-l] re: Side Climbs


  Mt. Thielson is a class 2 - 3, I think; Mt. McLaughlin a 2.  The AT up
Katahdin would be a 2 - 3, if it weren't for the iron rungs, etc.  This is all
the American (Yosemite) climbing grades, not sure what Norway uses, nor am I
sure how the French and English classify the lower non-technical end.  Brian
again explained it rather well, though some people might want a rope on a class
3, while others won't even use one on easy class 5.


>What is the class 2 and class 3 you talk about? I understand it's some
>kind of difficulty rating, but haven't anything to relate it to. I've
>hiked the AT and been on Mt. Thielson and Mt. McLoughlin (never get that
>right). Is any of these even on the scales?

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