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RE: [pct-l] re : Side Climbs

What is the class 2 and class 3 you talk about? I understand it's some
kind of difficulty rating, but haven't anything to relate it to. I've
hiked the AT and been on Mt. Thielson and Mt. McLoughlin (never get that
right). Is any of these even on the scales?


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	  Good to see someone thinking of climbing along the PCT, as
there is more than
	you can shake your ice axe at!!  Mostly I agree with Brian's
response to your
	request, so I'll just add a couple of things.
	  Mt. Thielson, near Crater Lake, has an incredible view from
the top, but is
	very loose volconic rock, so be careful, especially on the
descent.  The same
	could be said for Three Finger Jack.  As for the glacier peaks,
the Sisters are
	the simplest to climb and at least one of them (not sure which)
can be soloed
	with no problem.  Mt. Jefferson is fairly easy as is Mt. Hood,
but I did not
	have the weather at Hood for an ascent.  Mt. Adams would be
interesting.  Mt.
	Ranier I again did not have the weather.  However, when I
arrived at Glacier
	Peak, I did have the weather; I made an attempt from the north
side (I forget
	the name of the glacier) before I wisely decided to live to be
an old man. 
	When you are soloing everything, fear raises its ugly head very
	  I carried my ice axe from Mexico to Canada so I always had
that.  I also
	picked up my crampons at Timberline Lodge and carried them all
the rest of the
	way: used a few hours total, so you might wonder if its worth
it.  You might
	run into someone on the trail interested in climbing but I never
did, which
	explains my solos.  I did have company for the 3rd class
scramble stuff.  The
	best bet is to have friends who will meet you on a certain date
with all of the
	gear but, as Brian mentioned, you might consider it to be a
nuisance as it may
	not be what you want to do once you get there.
	  If I was going to do it all again and some climbing friends
were going to
	meet my along the way, I'd meet them at Yosemite and go climb
Cathedral Peak
	and some of the domes above the trail, as the weather is almost
	excellant and early in the summer, the climbs are not very
crowded.  The number
	one problem with all the big volcanos in the Cascades is the
weather.  Friends
	would be horribly disappointed to have gone all that way only to
sit in the
	lodge watching the rain fall and you pacing back and forth
because you could be
	making miles in the rain.

	Hope all goes well for you,

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