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Re: [pct-l] Bear Boxes

In a message dated 98-04-20 15:25:02 EDT, khee@cyberdude.com writes:

<< What are these Backcountry food storage box locations?  Could you elaborate
as I am one of those who never heard of this.  From the name description it
sounds like a public storage locker for caching food for hikers. >>

A "Backcountry Food Storage Box" is more commonly called a Bear Box (as the
Subject implies). It is the safest way to protect your food overnight while
camping in areas frequented by bears.

Not all of the locations are along the PCT itself. I left those on the list in
case a hiker was leaving the trail for a resupply. 

You should recognize most of the location names that are along the PCT (such
as, Rae Lakes, Vidette Meadow, Lyell Fork Base Camp, etc.). These names will
appear in your PCT Guide or on your maps.

If these names confuse you, better brush up on the "counter-balance method" of
hanging your food in the trees. Good luck.

Charlie Jones
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