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Re: [pct-l] Side Climbs


You wrote:
>Is anybody else on the
>May1-Oct1-ish northbounder plan thinking about these climbs?  Let me know!

I'm hosting / helping "Martina & Bryan" from Scotland who are in Sth Calif.
now and planning to start as early as Thursday to Saturday, this  week.
They are climbers and I have highly recommended Rainier and others to them.
 The problem, of course, is the logistics of equipment.  You can't, or
don't want to, carry it all with you for very far and shipping it in and
out at opportune places isn't always possible.  

However, with some careful planning it shouldn't be to difficult to arrange
for Rainier and Hood and several others.  I had the fortune to meet a
fellow in California that was hiking just the Sth California section of the
trail and then planned to go back up to a job at the lodge at Mt. Rainier
for the summer.  He offered to supply any of us with all the equipment we
needed and instructions to get us to the top when we got there later in the
summer.  Three of us climbed it and, according to two groups we passed on
the way up, at a pace unseen on the mountain.  By the time you get to
Washington your legs are so GD strong that you could almost run up the
mountain without getting tired.

See if you can team up with Martina and Bryan.  I may be able to coordinate
equipment shipment to and from Rainier.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel
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