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[pct-l] Bear Boxes

I was recently ask to list the bear boxers I had mentioned in an earlier
post.  I put together the following list based upon my notes and  list of
bear boxes posted here about a year ago.  Mileages are from the PCT data
book.  I put question marks where I am uncertain there was a box there last

760.5?	(may have to go down to Crabtree Meadows)
784.4 	(down by Charlotte Lake)
850.4	Warning: bears have attempted to break into the food storage
facilities at Muir Ranch.
871.3	Warning: bears do scavenge hiker's packs at VVR, and are bold enough
to go inside the large guest tents.  Try to arrange to have your food stored
inside if it is unattended!
936.0	(At the NPS campground; fee required)
942.8	(A cable arrangement at Glen Aulin, which seems to work nicely.
Avoid camping in the sites near the short trail to the privy, unless you
want to say hello to a lot of privy users as they walk by)

I would be very grateful if someone would check my bear box locations, and
post any corrections, additions, whatever.  I make no claim that my data is
totally correct and I take no responsibility for its accuracy.
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