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[pct-l] Side Climbs

John wrote:
<<I was wondering about the conventional wisdom about side climbs during a
thru-hike.  Any thoughts?  I'm interested in
experiences/thoughts/recommendations on both side "hikes" (Class 2-3) and
more technical side projects (Class 4-easy 5).  Has anybody tried/thought
about sending out their big boots, real tent, crampons, harness, rope,
glacier pro, etc. to, say, Timerline Lodge?  (Assuming, this year, that you
are probably carring your axe already <g>)>>

Up in the Northwest, where I live, the best climbing season for some of the
major volcanos (Hood, Rainier, Glacier Peak) is pretty much over by the time
most thru-hikers reach them.  By mid-August on Mt. Hood a bergschrund
usually blocks the south-face climbing route used by most climbers.
Cravasses open up wide on Mt. Rainier, so less experienced climbers normally
climb earlier in the season.  I'm not as familiar with Glacier Peak, but I
met some climbers starting their ascent while I was winding my way around
that area in September '96.  Mt. Adams is very climbable in late summer, and
is probably the best choice for a thru-hiker when they reach Washington
State.  I would say crampons and ice ax are necessary.  I climbed Adams in
June '82 without ropes or any other protection beyond my ice ax and crampons.

Roger Carpenter

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