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[pct-l] Staying in Aqua Dulce

For those of you who are planning on staying in Agua Dulce, don't forget 
June the 6th is the PCTA Trail Days Celebration and it sound like the 
festivities will be wonderful. Donna Saufley and her family are opening 
their doors to us again this year.  For those of you who would like a host 
family, you can contact her at 805-251-1513.  It would be a good idea to 
make arrangements with her before hand, but you can also call her from the 
Century 21 Office to see if she has room for you when you get in town. Don't 
forget those wonderful ladies, Bernice and Joan at the Century 21 Office.  
This is another stop where you really don't need to mail food.  Several good 
restaurants, a hardware store, but no laundromat or public showers.  The 
church maybe rather busy around June 6th, I would suggest getting in touch 
with Joan or Bernice to see what accomodations they might recommend if you 
plan on being here then.  Hope to see you in Aqua Dulce or earlier on the 

Happy Trails Couple   #:~)

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