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[pct-l] Side Climbs

Howdy all --

I was wondering about the conventional wisdom about side climbs during a
thru-hike.  Any thoughts?  I'm interested in
experiences/thoughts/recommendations on both side "hikes" (Class 2-3) and
more technical side projects (Class 4-easy 5).  Has anybody tried/thought
about sending out their big boots, real tent, crampons, harness, rope,
glacier pro, etc. to, say, Timerline Lodge?  (Assuming, this year, that you
are probably carring your axe already <g>)

I know that time is scarce on a thru-hike, but I didn't do many side trips
on the AT and regret it.  I'd like to do at least one of the classic climbs
along the PCT.

Basically, I'm trying to figure out the logistics of climbing Ranier or Hood
(or Jefferson, or Shasta, or Glacier Peak, etc) during a thru-hike.  I had
tentative plans with a few of my buddies from Boston to come out and meet me
for Ranier and/or Shasta, but it turns out they can't make it.  So, I'm
stuck without anyone on the other end of the rope.  Is anybody else on the
May1-Oct1-ish northbounder plan thinking about these climbs?  Let me know!

11 days until Campo!

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