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[pct-l] Pictures and Barrel Springs

Hi y'all

Re: what to take pictures of

I wish that we had taken pictures of all the towns and the 
trail angels.  Also a picture of each and every campsite, 
including the very nasty ones (like the cow-shit dam at the 
Kelso Valley Road spring).

We did take pictures of all our rides when we hitched back to
the Bay area from Seiad Valley -- very interesting people,
4 out of 5 were women.  These are good for convincing people
that hitching isn't as dangerous as they thought.

>I was at Barrel Spring on March 20th. Water was NOT running from the pipe into
>the trough. Hikers can follow the pipe up the hill (20-20 yards) to the spring
>and get water right from the source.

If you don't know what poison oak looks like, be careful here.  
Uphill from the trough was the most poison-oakey spot I saw 
on the whole PCT, except for some spots between the Mojave River
and Silverwood Lake.

-Carl Mears 

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