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Re: [pct-l] Is there water at Barrel Spring?

In a message dated 98-04-17 00:25:24 EDT, rogercar@pacifier.com writes:

<< I had heard a couple of weeks ago that Barrel Spring was NOT flowing.  Is
that still true today?  I am asking this question for Scott Conover, who will
start his thru-hike on May 5. >>

The PCTA stated on April 3 that "Barrel Spring is NOT running, local PCTA
maintainers have been notified and will attempt to repair it soon."

I was at Barrel Spring on March 20th. Water was NOT running from the pipe into
the trough. Hikers can follow the pipe up the hill (20-20 yards) to the spring
and get water right from the source. 

Even if all that fails, there is water less than 4 miles north on the PCT at
San Ysidro Creek, or 4.5 miles east of Barrel Springs on Montezuma Valley Road
S22 in Ranchita.

Charlie Jones
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