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[pct-l] San Jacinto Trail Conditions

Class of '98,

For those of you who are anxiously watching the snow conditions near San
Jacinto Peak (10,804 feet) as a gauge of what to expect during the early days
of your PCT hike, here's the latest report.
April 16: Forest Service report from Long Valley Ranger Station east of San
Jacinto's peak. (The PCT runs to the west of the peak at about the same
elevation as Long Valley.)

"Currently experiencing fair weather here at the 8,500-foot level. The sky is
clear and the winds are calm. Yesterday's high was 28 degrees; last night's
low was 12 degrees. Today's forecast is for continued fair weather and 'warmer
than yesterday.'

Trail conditions around Long Valley are 'broken and passable.' Snowshoes,
crampons or cross-country skis are highly recommended.

Trail Conditions to the peak are 'NOT broken and passable.' Rangers do NOT
recommend that people head to the peak unless they have good snow-navigational
skills and the required snow equipment.

There are currently 43 inches of snow in Long Valley."

Charlie Jones

p.s.   There were 45 inches of snow on the ground at Long Valley on April
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