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[pct-l] Re: Best/watch

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Best, Tom wrote:

>  Saying "I finished" is a trophy to show other people.  Saying "I enjoyed 
> myself" is something that you can carry inside you forever.

From my point of view these are words of wisdom.  But my guess is the "young
lions" of both genders out there are caught up in the momentum that leads to
a 16 week journey.  

At 45 I still feel the call of the challenge "to do miles."  Maybe this
comes from solo hiking.  At any rate, if all goes as planned and I finish my
dissertation by April 1 next year, I'll hike from Campo to Whitney as the
last "section" of my hike.  A fitting treat before leaving Seattle for some
nameless university and adulthood... :-) 

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, Washington, where spring has sprung.  

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