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[pct-l] Coming over from the UK.

Hi all

My partner and I are going to be in So-California in May visiting family and
we want to spend a week backpacking on the PCT.  We thought about either
section A or B from PCT guide (V1, Schaffer et al) as we can get a ride to
the route from San Diego.  We have hiked extensively in the UK and also in
New Zealand and are capable of 20+ mpd.  However, we are aware that
conditions are different from those we normally hike in and we would like
some advice.

1.      We will be on the trail from May 10.  What are conditions normally
like and            what could we expect in 98.  I understand (from the
excellent PCTA web site)           that conditions have been bad (ie lots of
snow) in April.  We have had unusual         weather in the UK too; snow,
heavy rain and temps of 42F in London (normal             55-66F).

2.      Bearing in mind the probable conditions which sleeping bag should we

3.      Is there an increased likelihood that many of the creeks will be
running later         into the season because of the heavy snow?

4.      What essential kit can you recommend for either of these sections?

5.      Can you recommend any good outdoor retailers in San Diego (for dehyd

Any advice will be appreciated.  We will have a week in San Diego prior to
our trip to make the final plans and adjust them according to the conditions.

Thanks in advance and cheers from London.

Neil Osborne & Karen Page

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