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[pct-l] Pictures

Brick brought a very wonderful point I couldn't stress enough.  The
non-scenery/town photos to wonders at sparking your memories.  I have
pictures of my feet blackened with dirt after a long days walk, me flipping
a creek off because it tried to steal a shoe, jumping into Crater Lake, and
a picture of a meal I was so anxious to eat that I just had to take a
picture of it to preserve that memory for eternity!  If and when I do the
trail again, I figured I'd still take a camera, but just use it mostly for
those "Kodak Momements", people I meet, laundrymats I visit, etc.


p.s.  Speaking of food, I just thought of this.  Pickaxe Pete Fish and I
both finished in Manning Park on September 9, 1994.  He just finished his
completion of the PCT, and I finished my section hike of Washington.  We
were at the breakfast place in Manning, and had just finished breakfast.
The waitress came by and asked if we were ready for "another round".  Pete
said "I think so....", and the waitress poured some more coffee for him.
Pete said, "Oh, no , no more coffee...I want another round of omelets!"

Hot damn, that was the greatest month of my life....

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