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[pct-l] Snow in SoCal

For the benefit of those who I haven't emailed, I made a trip out to Mt.
Laguna while in San Diego two days ago, and here is what I saw:

It was cold... very cold. And windy. The temperature was about 45 degrees,
colder with the wind. I was wearing shorts and a long sleeved shirt, and I
would have lasted all of about fifteen minutes without something warmer. I
also stopped my Campo at about two in the afternoon, and it wasn't all that
warmer. Perhaps fifty or fifty-five.

Throughout Mt. Laguna I saw copious amounts of snow, much more than I had
thought. I don't know if it will still be there in a couple of weeks, but
right now, there is up to a foot, maybe more, in places. The trail itself was
submerged in snow in spots, and the snow looked like it had been there for
some time, giving it that crusty-on-top, mushy-below condition.  For what it's
worth, there were several pairs of footprints trudging along, and I'm no
detective, but they were close enough together that whoever it was, was having
a hard going.

Hope this helps,

PS Despite it all, I'll be out there with the rest of the crazy Class of 98
beginning sometime between May 1 and 7.
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