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Re: Re: [pct-l] For Svein (What should I do???)

On the issue of the correct height of Mt. San Gorgonio, it IS only just
over 11k when devoid of snow, but I understand this season the 13k figure
more accurately describes conditions near the summit. <bg>
As for whether El Nino was a factor in my decision to jump the Class of '98
ship, yes, largely.  Even more than what the weather had already provided
the west coast in terms of snow was the worry that the wacky weather may
have no end in sight.  I envisioned postholing for many miles, and step-
chopping when I wasn't post-holing, making fewer mpd's than had planned for
in the food buying arrangements, all through dicey weather accompanied by
a very skimpy lot of fellow hikers.  That was my "worst case" and it seemed
all too feasible, and a decision had to be made.  I'm all for a grand,
arduous adventure, but this scenario may have well kicked my butt at least
psychologically.  Let's face it, without descent morale, a thru-hike attempt
is doomed back to the drawing board.  I'm not going to dwell on what might
have been, rather just focus on next year and hope for the best!
- Blister>Free
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