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Re: [pct-l] Film/time imprint


You wrote:
> You can modify this technique without obscuring your photos with a time
stamp by snapping the first photo on a new roll of the day and time on your
wrist watch. 

This sounds like a really good idea except, one of the reasons that I went
hiking for six months through the wilderness was to get away from the daily
time schedules, body function sincronizations and calendar watching.  I
reveled in the resetting of my mind and body to the calendar of weather and
the clock of the sun.  A watch was not on my list of required or luxury
items and I guarantee will not be missed by your mind or by the weight it
would bare on your body.  Don't bother carrying a watch.  The only argument
against this that I can think of is to better coordinate with Post Office
hours in picking up supply boxes.  My journal reminded me of the date and
clocks are plentiful in town.


Greg "Strider" Hummel
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