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Re: [pct-l] Film

In a message dated 98-04-14 14:39:45 EDT, brick@ix.netcom.com writes:

<< Take pics of EVERY town stop. ... I truely enjoy the wilderness, but after
a while, one section of beautiful trail through the trees just doesn't stand
out in my memory from any other ... >>

Great idea, Brick. 

One thing that I also try to do is include any signs ("Lake 'whatever,' "
trail directions, passes with elevations, etc.) in my people/places pictures.
Those provide a sort of sync point when you try to identify pictures with no
signs ( "... well, it was between Lake A and Lake B"). 

After my JMT hike, I placed all the pictures in an album (in order). Then I
went back and typed a narrative much like what you would say if you were
showing the album to someone. (Research it once; write it down.) I typed it in
a two-column format, folded the page, 3-hole-punched it and inserted the page
between the 6 pictures described in the narrative. Now that my trip is a
couple of years old, the narrative helps me remember too.

Of course, my trip was only 3 weeks long. You thru-hikers will need lots of
pictures with signs and towns.

Charlie Jones
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