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[pct-l] winter storm warning

After warm weather last week most of the snow in the Laguna's had melted. I
went XC skiing on the PCT near the town of Mt Laguna on Tuesday, but by
Friday all but the north facing slopes were bare.

Today there is another major storm and the snow level is back down to
5000ft and they are expecting 6-12 inches in the Lagunas. Up in San
Jacinto/San Gorgonio, snow level is down below 4000 ft and they are
forcasting 10-16 inches of new snow.

At 17:58 GMT, (11am local) at the top of Mt Wilson (L.A. area, a dozen
miles south of the PCT at 5710 ft)
The weather was: visibility 100 meters, temp +1C, snow, fog.

Tough weather for anyone already out on the trail.

Brick Robbins
San Diego, CA          
mailto:brick@ix.netcom.com   http://www.netcom.com/~brick 

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