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[pct-l] rides in San Diego

The Radneys wrote:

"We're officially placing our boots onto the PCT at Campo on May 1st and as
excited as we can be.
After we made our plane reservations today Walt said, "Watch out PCT - here
comes that crazy Happy
Trails Couple Again!"  What a wonderful feeling to be going back home
again! Last year we got a
ride from Dan Rufner, I have lost his e-mail address, but was wondering if
anyone knows if he is
still available or if anyone else in San Diego, or vacinity, is might be
Trail Angles this year.
We would appreciate the info.  See you on the trail in 21 days!"

Pat -- #:~)

My last post got a bit confused because I put a word in the subject that
sent it to who knows where.  But we are still around in San Diego so I'll
say what I said before.

My wife and I live in San Diego and can help get people around town or to
the trailhead.  A few people stayed with us last year in our small place on
the beach, but this year its kind of congested as we are planning our CDT
hike; but we can suggest hotels.
Last year got a bit hectic with trying to get to the trail too often, so we
would like to say that our best bets for giving rides would be on Monday or
Wednesday.  The other factor is I sold my wagon so we only have Sara's
small car, which canwork for a few hikers and lightweight packs.  The best
case would be if a group of people were in at the same time I could rent a
van, split the cost, and it would be much easier, and possibly cheaper,
than the bus and trolley combo.

e-mail or call (619) 488-5657 and we will do our best to try and coordinate.

Be ready for a little slower pace with all the fun snow we have!


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