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[pct-l] Film

My wife has had the same problem as far as having a presentation to do
and only having prints.  We solved the problem by scanning all of the
photos(257 of them) and using Powerpoint to do the presentation. We have
not done the real thing yet, but we plan to use either a big screen
monitor or one of those projection monitors.  we are going to try to get
one from her work, if not try to rent.  the scanning and powerpoint
works well so far, hopefully hooking my laptop to a gigger monitor won't
be a problem.  

on the other hand, i have a friend that goes to alaska every summer and
hikes in the Yukon for 3 months straight, living off of only salmon.  He
always take slides and I always really enjoy looking at them.

Good luck!
Dude Spellings
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