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[pct-l] Don't take my Kodachrome away!

I used both Kodak and Fuji on a Pentax 10-90wr camera.  I couldn't really
tell the two apart, then again I didn't keep track of what type of film I
was using when.  Having 400 speed film was good for those pictures in the
late afternoon.  I purchased the film at Costco (Price Club, etc), and I got
it developed there too.  The quality of the prints wasn't as good as if a
photo lab had done them, but it was about $7-10 per roll cheaper.  Not a big
deal, unless you are getting about 40+ rolls of film developed like I did.
Though prints from slide film are generally better, I chose print film over
slide film for a few reasons:

- The overall cost of slides was more.
- Why would I want 1300 slides?  Several pictures had screwed up lighting.
Some were out of focus.  Some pictures I don't know why I took.  Slides work
best for presentations. Are you going to want to show 1000 slides to a group
of people? My answer is "No", unless those people can stay awake of 2 days!

I figured that if I ever wanted to do a presentation, I could simply get 75
of my best/favorite pictures together that represented my hike, and get
those made into slides.  The cost would still be lower.  (Yes, print->slide
qualtiy isn't as good, but good enough).  It would be a good overview, and
keep your audience from drifting off.

I put most of my pictures into 3 photo albums, and have a stack of "pct
outtake photos" that I didn't put in.

It is funny watching non-pct hikers flip through my albums, they glance at
the 6 photos and flip the page.  They don't study every single detail like
you and I would.  It takes them a minute to "hike" through a weeks worth of

Taking pictures was still a really good thing, mostly for myself.  I'm piled
up to me arse in C++ and Calculus textbooks right now, all I have to do is
pull out my PCT photo albums and I instantly rocket back to the trail!

Partlond, OR

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