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[pct-l] San Jacinto Warning 3/31/98

Class of '98,

Here's some information from the San Gorgonio Wilderness webpage. It should be
interesting reading for those hikers who are wondering if crampons and iceaxes
are required for San Jacinto:

Charlie Jones
San Gorgonio Wilderness Conditions Update 

31 March 1998

The San Gorgonio Wilderness received as much as two feet of snow last weekend
(Mar 28-29), and another twelve inches of snowfall is expected today above
5500' elevation, with more snow expected to fall all week. Average snow depth
is around six feet, though drifts of up to ten feet of depth may be found at
the 9000' elevation and above. <snip>

**WARNING: A fatality recently occurred in the San Jacinto Wilderness when a
Wilderness visitor unexpectedly slipped on hard ice, and plunged to his death.
Winter is a hazardous time in Southern California mountains and extreme
caution must be exercised. Sunny, warm daytime temperatures and below freezing
nighttime temperatures creates thaw and freeze cycles, which can prove tragic
to the unknowing visitor. Watch your footing near cliffs and icy chutes, and
carry an ice ax and crampons with knowledge of their proper use. Hard, water
ice is sometimes near invisible. DO NOT proceed into dangerous, icy terrain if
you are uncertain of your abilities or lack the technical equipment. 

Please, always take appropriate precautions, carry extra clothing and food,
and notify someone at home of your itinerary. Be sure and follow the weather
link above to stay tuned to the latest weather updates.

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