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[pct-l] For Svein (What should I do???)

Svein, anyone booking a flight from the other side of the world deserves a
break or two.  I hiked a high point (Mt. Laguna) alongside the southernmost
portion of the PCT last week.  We found snow throughout though only a foot
or two.  It's been quite windy, temperatures in the high 30's to low 40's
at night but felt cooler to us wimpy southern californians.  Snow shoes
were certainly not required (lightweight gloves and head protection were)
and it was easy going much of the way.

I'd be a bit more concerned about further north, if you'll be traversing
the San Jacinto or San Bernadino mountains anytime soon.  I've been waiting
for the weather to break and a bit more snow to melt.  The best site to
track snow & trail conditions is:


The San Gorgonio Volunteer Association.  They provide info on the highest
peak in so. cal. so you know that it's unlikely to be any WORSE anywhere in
the region.  I'm climbing to the peak (13k feet) on the 18th of this month
& will gladly give you a report then (please e-mail to remind me).
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