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Re: [pct-l] upcoming hike


>1 - Anyone else planning on beginning around May 1st? I've never attempted
>anything of this nature before and would feel much better about it if I could
>spend the first few days with someone else.

Walt and I may start sometime the first part of May, not sure of the exact date, but I imagine 
there will probably be quite a few leaving that first week.  Heading out in a group is always 
better the first three or four days.

>2 - I've heard grumblings that this year is a particularly bad year to be
>hiking the length of the PCT... can anyone confirm or deny these opinions?

Get on the California snow page and stayed turned to this channel!  News flashes happen 
frequently from informed our own meteorologists!

>3 - I am planning on using a tarp for shelter, to save weight. Is this

Yes, this is feasible, mosquitoes could get to you, and if the season is rainy, you might get a 
little wet, but go for it.  The skies are beautiful and well worth the view.

>4 - Where can I obtain enough corn pasta to supply me for the summer?

Don't start too early and you will be able to pick up all the corn pasta you want from the hiker 
boxes -- price is right too!  Natural food stores usually carry corn pasta in macarroni and 
spaghetti varieties.  The secret is in the cooking.  Add to BOILING water turn off heat, stir 
frequently and then add sauce.  If the noodles are cooked too long (or not enough) the texture 
is mushy or lumpy and hard to swallow, but great when cooked right. 

Pat -- Happy Trails Couple ---Hope to see you in the Blooming Desert!

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