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RE: [pct-l] Re: food

now, i was worried about this problem.  

you see,

i could barely fit all those 4,000 candy bars, 
6,000 jars of chunky peanut butter, and 500 odd
pounds of rolled oats into my suitcase without
breaking the zipper.  Then Rick H. recommended 
that i also take 700 boxes of pop tarts.

i bought strawberry pop tarts, by the way.  it did,
after all, seem like the healthy choice.  what, round
out the ol' food groups and all.

anyway, somehow i managed to fit all those boxes of
pop tarts into my suitcase, don't ask me how, i just

then i get this email from John D. saying i'm gonna
be real sorry if i don't pack some mac and cheese.
180 boxes to be exact.

well, i broke the zipper.

did anyone else have this problem with their suit


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