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[pct-l] It's a waste of effort

Charlie Thorpe wrote:
>I would be VERY interested in hearing why you think:
>"these types of off road vehicles do no more damage than the average hiker";
>"all those ones who complain about dirt bikes, and the damage they do are
>the same ones, who are to scared to try them";
>or how you find it possible to:
>"I continue riding because I love the woods and the wildlife living in
>them, I do nothing to damage or hurt anything or anyone"
>or why you need to tell folks on this list:
>"if I ever catch any of you wimps stretching barb wire across our trails,
>then dont expect to make it out ot the woods alive"
>If I had to guess (I certainly don't know everybody on the PCT-L list), I
>would suppose that most of us are avid backpackers and that we either have
>greatly enjoyed the PCT in the past and/or we plan to for a long time to

 Those are good questions, Charlie, I'm interested in answers to those
questions too.  
Likewise, I'm curious as to what this individual hopes to accomplish by
joining this list......would it possibly be to learn about and contribute to
the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail, long distance hiking, or backpacking?

....or would it be to try to threaten, incite, and insult people who've done
them no wrong, for lack of something else to do.....?

>I do nothing to damage or hurt anything or anyone, as opposed to you, the
ones that think it 
>is reasonable to stretch barb wire accross paths just to prove a point,
(that only idiots would endanger >a human life to save a dead leaf).

        Seems to me the PCT got federal protection from wheeled vehicles
more than 20 or 30-odd years ago if I'm correct.  If someone out there is
disgruntled about that, the nice folks on this list are the wrong ones to
gripe at.  Nobody needs to stretch any wire, the PCT is protected by federal
LAW.  Seems like the effort would be better spent writing their congressman
to open the PCT, the AT, the CDT, the National Parks, wherever they want, to
ORV use, instead of wasting time flame-baiting a bunch of hikers.

Kevin Corcoran

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