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[pct-l] Stories

> From: 	Craig Giffen
> Sent: 	Monday, April 6, 1998 
> After about the 3rd fence...I was
> standing on a paved airstrip!  Not the greatest place to be...
This reminds me of one of my personal "rules" that I'm sure glad I
followed.  Never camp on a road, no matter how remote you think it is.
In section O, in northern California, I was hiking along a logging road
which bypassed a section of trail that was recently clear-cut.  To get
in  some extra miles, Sage and I decided to walk well past dark since
the road could be followed by star light.  There were few options for a
camp site and little chance of spotting one in the dark.  Since we
planned to break camp at first light, we were tempted to roll out our
bags on the side of the road, but we eventually found a spot just off
it.  Before first light we awoke to the sound of several LARGE logging
trucks speeding down the road.  We might not have been run over had we
been on the road, but a sleeping bag on a ground sheet  is not highly

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