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Re: [pct-l] fwd: the theory of dirt bike destruction

Hello Scar (and All) -

Your postings certainly get everyone's attention <VBG>.  Now that everyone
has finished throwing emotional hand grenades (I hope!), I wonder if you
would be interested in discussing some of the topics you brought up in your

You have made an amazing collection of assertions in your two
messages...some right on the money and some so far off the mark that the
first impression is that you are pulling our leg!

I would be VERY interested in hearing why you think:

"these types of off road vehicles do no more damage than the average hiker";

"all those ones who complain about dirt bikes, and the damage they do are
the same ones, who are to scared to try them";

or how you find it possible to:

"I continue riding because I love the woods and the wildlife living in
them, I do nothing to damage or hurt anything or anyone"

or why you need to tell folks on this list:

"if I ever catch any of you wimps stretching barb wire across our trails,
then dont expect to make it out ot the woods alive"

If I had to guess (I certainly don't know everybody on the PCT-L list), I
would suppose that most of us are avid backpackers and that we either have
greatly enjoyed the PCT in the past and/or we plan to for a long time to

I know quite a few highly-skilled backpackers who also enjoy dirt-biking,
ATV'ing, or OTR 4wd use (I think that the question for them is WHERE, more
than IF!).  I am sure that some of the good folks on this list fit this

Some on this list are hoss-folks and some are mountain-bikers.

We ALL do damage to our backcountry every time we visit!

How to minimize that damage is ALWAYS a good topic for discussion.  It
isn't often that we get to hear the viewpoint of a dirt-biker or an ATV'er,
so sit down, grab a cuppa and let's have at it <VBG>.

For a starter:  where did you run into any barbed wire strung across the

We had a similar problem (fish hooks) on the Appalachian Trail (east cost)
years ago, but it turned out to be caused by local folks who were hopping
mad at the way that the land for the trail was acquired.

BTW, are you familiar with the "Tread Lightly!" program?

Thanks for bringing up a new thread to the list (it's been slow lately <g>)!

- Charlie II  AT (MEGA'93)
             PCT (Mex@Can'95)

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