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[pct-l] Position Announcement - Pacific Crest Trail Association

Position Announcement

The Pacific Crest Trail Association is seeking a person to fill the
position described below.  The association office is located in
Sacramento, CA.  Annual salary range $30-35K based on experience and
ability to perform responsibilities w/o additional training.  Medical
benefits.  Mail resume with cover letter to Robert S. Ballou,
Executive Director, PCTA, 5325 Elkhorn Blvd. #256, Sacramento, CA
95842.  Letter and resume must be received by April 27, 1998.

Director of Trail Operations 

Position Concept:  This person will be responsible for (1)
implementing association policies related to its partnership with the
Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management,
state and other government agencies, and (2) organizing and involving
members and other volunteers in monitoring and maintaining the Pacific
Crest National Scenic Trail, and feeder trails as necessary.  The
Director of Trail Operations reports to the Executive Director.


+  Demonstrated proficiency in the management of wildlands
preservation and protection activities, including  volunteer trail
maintenance programs
+  Experience in researching, planning and acquiring trail or
conservation lands
+  The ability and willingness to travel and work on weekends as
+  Experience in working with federal land management agencies
+  Proficient with MS Windows and Office Suite software
+  Good verbal and written communications skills
+  Demonstrated ability to work independently
+  Good organizational skills

Specific Responsibilities:

+  Implement association policies to protect and preserve the trail in
accordance with the official Comprehensive  Management Plan for the
Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail
+  Create a system to update private land trail easements, as needed,
and communicate with land owners to assure compliance with the terms
of their easements
+  Monitor government policies and proposed actions which may affect
the trail, and report significant activities to the trail operations
(field service) committee for action
+  Develop and implement a comprehensive system to recruit and train
trail volunteers, including regional and area  trail coordinators
+  Establish and implement procedures that are consistent with
government policies to reimburse volunteers in a timely manner for
approved out-of-pocket expenses
+  In cooperation with partner agencies, organize an annual survey of
trail conditions, and from it identify trail projects  and organize
volunteers to carry them out
+  Establish a system for recognizing volunteers for trail work
+  Staff the trail operations (field service) committee
+  Other duties as assigned

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