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[pct-l] snow conundrum

>>>  So, am I reading the numbers wrong?  Are these low figures actually just
the water equivalent in the snow?  Does "raw snow" mean something different?
Something seems afoul because the numbers for raw snow and water equivalency
are just about the same for any given date.  Somebody help me out here!<<<

There is considerable confusion in this arena. The CA snow survey FAQ says
that water equiv varries a lot, but that in late season it averages 50% so
the numbers that look like like half the expected value are probably WE. 

Here are some more data of snowpack by drainage in %, so Water equiv
doesn't matter.
(data from http://cdec.water.ca.gov/snow/current/snow/courses.html)

Shasta River: 144%
Scott River: 158%
Trinity River: 212%
Eel River: 211%
Sacramento River: 210%
Pit River: 145%
Stony Cr: 185%
Feather River: 147%
Yuba River: 144%
American River: 142%
Mokelumne River: 132%
Stanislaus River: 163%
Tuolumne River: 156%
Merced River: 174%
Kings River: 180%
Kaweah River: 185%
Tule River: 244%
Kern River: 181%
Surprise Valley: 117%
Susan River: 148%
Truckee River: 129%
Lake Tahoe: 114%
Walker River: 145%
Mono Lk: 152%
Owens River: 193%

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