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[pct-l] Re: Failed plan, advice on what to do with Scar

Too much snow in Mt. Laguna and the San Jacintos, they say.  I don't want to
be slogging on snowshoes when I'm not very good with them, and don't know
anything about cross-country skis.  So I've abandoned my year-long plan to
hike the first 185 miles of the PCT, and am now attempting to make a
last-minute "adjustment" to hike the first 135 miles of the AT, where the
weather is more favorable.  Good thing Colorado, where I live, is pretty
oriented to bicoastalism.

DAMMIT TO HELL!  (Sorry-just needed to vent-hope you understand)

Re:  "Scar":  track him down and tie his arms and legs around a tree with
barbed wire, cover him with honey and leave him for the ants.

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